About Dalian

Dalian, alias bincheng, is the sub-provincial city in Liaoning Province specifically designated in the state plan. Located in the south of Liaodong Peninsula, Dalian is backed by northeastern area facing Shandong Peninsula across the sea, which is an important economic, trade, port, industrial and tourism city in the eastern coast as well as a new first-tier city. Without cold winter or hot summer, Dalian boasts moderate climate, winning titles like” the window of northeastern China”, “a bright pearl in the north”, and “a romantic capital”. It is the window of opening to the outside world in northeastern part and the largest port city in China. Specifically, Dalian is a resident city holding the Summer Davos Forum of World Economic Forum (WEF).

What’s more, Dalian is the first “excellent tourist cities” in China with both cultural and historical tourist resources and natural tourist resources, in which tourist industry has become the emerging industry.

1. Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park

Situated in the center of southern shore, Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park occupies an area of 1,180,000 square meters with 4000-odd meters of ragged coastline, is a national 5 A-level scenic area approved by the National Tourism Administration as well as an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified brand. It is a modern sea world theme park integrating sightseeing, entertainment, popularization of science, shopping and culture into one.


2. Jinshitan tourist resort
Jinshitan tourist resort, located in the shore of Huanghai Sea, the northeast of Dalian, is 50 kilometers away from the downtown area taken by 40-minute driving. It is praised as “ a magical sculpture park” and “gentleman’s paradise”. It houses first-class sunny beach, fishing reef, resort hotels, top golf course, international yacht club and game land, whose environment indictor is higher than the national standard with its clear air and clean water.

3. Sunasia
As the most romantic sea theme park in China, Sunasia is the first station in the romantic Dalian. It is in the west of Xinhai plaza adjacent to the largest marina in northeastern China, from here you can walk to Xinghai baths and Xinghaiwan baths. There are five stadiums including sea world, polar world, deep sea world, coral world and dinosaur legend. It is a comprehensive tourist project combining show, shopping, entertainment and leisure, which was appraised as a 4 A-level national tourist attraction in January, 2001.