About Changchun

Changchun, the capital of Jilin Province, sub-provincial city, the central city in the northeast Asian economic circle, is one of the central cities in China’s northeastern area approved by the State Council as well as important industrial base, national historic and cultural city, and national comprehensive transportation hub. With rich cultural heritage left by the modern times, Changchun is the earliest automobile industrial base and film-making base, which is honored with its title “East Detroit”. Besides, it is also the birthplace of railway vehicles, photoelectric technology, applied chemistry and biological products, giving birth to famous Changchun Film Studio, Changchun Railway Vehicles Corporation Limited, Changchun Light Technology institute affiliated to Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun Sheng Biological Products Institute and so on.  

As the capital of manchukuo in history, Changchun had witnessed political and military conflicts in Northeast Asia in modern history with various historical sites. Being regarded as spring city in Northern China, it is the leader in Asian cities in terms of greening, being listed as one of the four great garden cities. It has also won the title of “Top 10 happiest cities in China” for nine consecutive years, “Made in China 2025” pilot demonstration city”, “the first urban design pilot cities nationwide”, the sixth greatest city in the strength of scientific research and it retained its title of “national civilized city” in November, 2017.
As one of the four greatest garden cities and first Chinese excellent tourist cities nationwide, Changchun is the home to several famous historic and cultural human landscapes such as Changchun Wanshou Temple (temple of longevity), Banruo Temple (Prajna temple), Changchun Confucious’ Temple, the New Palace of Manchukuo, the Manchuria Puppet Eight Ministries and so forth. Among these, the ice-snow tourism is the most popular tourism project, you can ski, skate, enjoy ice and snow artworks.
In a word, Changchun has many national A-level tourist attractions by the end of 2017: 4 national 5A scenic spots and 9 national 4A scenic spots. Thus, it has become the city with most national 5 A scenic spots among all municipalities, provincial capitals and sub-provincial cities except Beijing.

1. Changchun Movie Wonderland (5A-level)

Changchun Movie Wonderland is a movie theme park gathering the most advanced special-effects movies in the world. It is the top 1 film studio in China, the first world-class movie theme entertainment park in China, and landmark project symbolized reform of Changchun movie and second startup. Due to this, it is considered as “Oriental Hollywood” and “the capital of world special-effects film”.


2. Jingyuetan National Scenic Area
Situated in the southeast of Jingyue economic development zone, Changchun City, Jilin Province, Jingyuetan National Scenic Area is a national 5A-level scenic spot and national tourist attraction, national forest park, and a reference site of national civilized scenic spot area. Because of its moon-like shape, it is named as Jingyuetan, meaning its resemblance of a clear moon, therefore, it is the sister pond with Riyuetan Pool (in Taiwan Province). It boasts comprehensive forest ecological system including 30 tree species planted by man. It is, thanks to its regional advantage, titled as “a paradise in the noisy city”, “the largest artificial forest in Asia”, and “urban oxygen bar”, becoming a green center as well as a visiting card of Changchun City.

3. The New Palace of Manchukuo (5A-level scenic spot)
Built upon the palace ruins of emperor Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi in the late Qing dynasty, the New Palace of Manchukuo is now an excellent national patriotic education base and the first national 5A-level scenic spots in China.